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Live Comedy: Oct 18th / Kitty Cats in Pirate Hats

Monday Oct 18th at the Shipwreck Tavern (4210 S.W. Admiral Way, Seattle, WA)

One Response to “Live Comedy: Oct 18th / Kitty Cats in Pirate Hats”

  1. Paul says:

    “We have a special event for you this month! A battle so large in scale it makes World War II look like an argument between two agreeable gentlemen: The Hundred Nugget Challenge. It’s Jesse Villacis vs Adam Firestone in a show of glorious competitve gluttony (sorry starving kids). We also have the following comics who must perform in the foreground of the epic clash!

    Leslie Rader
    Brian Boshes
    Edrease Peshtaz
    Gabriel Johnson

    Announcing the bout will be Zach Gabriel

    And headlining is Paul Merrill!

    Who will win the challenge? Will they puke? Will the comics be able to dodge the puke? Are you ready for this shit?”

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